Aluminum Extrusion Process
Aluminum Extrusions are used everywhere in our daily lives. Although you may not notice them, these are actually with you all the time. Air conditioning, Washers/Dryers, Doors, Windows, automobiles, cell phones, at home or work, you name it.

There are thousands of extrusion companies around the world to supplying this aluminum, but we can proudly say our systems are World Class from the equipment to the human resources. Our team will give you the exact products you request every time.
Materials A6063, A6N01, A6061
Temper T4-T6
Hardness 8-15, depending on your requests
Size can be variable by your requests
Chemical Composition

  • Factory view

  • 2750UST Extruder

  • 1800UST Extruder

  • 8inch Line

  • Billets

  • Billet Inserting

  • Side View

  • Front View

  • Front View 2

  • Ready for Heat Treatment

  • Packing Process

  • Ready to Ship

  • Products

  • AL Profile

  • Straightener

  • Straightener

  • Billet inserting

  • Extruder Controller

  • Extruder Controller

  • Dies Ready

  • Heat Treatment Center

  • Heat Treatment Controller